Breakfast Of Champions
Start your day (or sometimes end it) with the Gourmet Granola range sooo tasty & surprisingly healthy!! (Also, about time we start respecting people and their religious beliefs!!)
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Trail Mix / Nuts & Seeds Mix
Guilt Free Snacking for the kid in you who deserves a better break!!(Also, Love is Love! Accept it & then Celebrate it!!)
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Daily Essentials
Least Processed Ingredients to compliment your fast paced life & growing lifestyle. (Also, we are responsible to leave behind a better world!)
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LoveArth is Different- Rohit Dandwani

Buy Our Granola Or Make Your Own, We GOT YOU!

Traditional Cranberry Granola
Traditional Cranberry Granola
Pumpkin Seeds
Guilt-Free Trail Mix
Masala Party Mix
LoveArth is for - Rohit Dandwani
Perfect chapata to compliment the essentials seeds. (A MUST HAVE!)

Let us tell you something that you might already know!

Checkout our "Breakfast of Champions" & Become a Champion..
For sometime now we have been struggling reading the ingredients behind the healthy products we buy in the name of “healthy”, words like Soy Lecithin, Emulsifiers and many others make me question ARE WE REALLY EATING HEALTHY?
Questions like these contributed to beginning of LoveArth with an attempt to bridge the gap between Tasty & Healthy.
If you don’t trust us we write the ingredients right in the front (with all our heart) with the hope to spread love and happiness.
Snacking is usually seen in a different light. Sometimes by those Body Fat watchers and sometime by those who pinpoint excessive sugar/preservatives in everything.
Can there really be a perfect snack, EVER?
We at LoveArth are on constant move to create a snack that fits all the parameters and are Winning(Winning Hearts for now!).
Guilt-Free Trail Mix is curated with the intention to spread joy in the very little time you get off. We’d agree that our Trail Mix isn’t very healthy but what is Love  without a little salt (And Chocolate AND M&M’s) here and there. 
Guilt-Free Trail Mix for guilt-free snacking!
Guilt-Free Trail Mix. (Now snack Guilt-Freely)
Kyunki Healthy Snacking Allowed hai yaar..
LoveArth Customisation- Hampers
Checkout Customised Hampers Here.

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Rohit Dandwani- Actor/ Founder LoveArth

Okay, So now that you Have Come this Far, let me just address
the elephant in the room..
(I've been wanting to say this since the very beginning.. yay)

( How to end the homepage with a banger one liner
for MAX Relatability. )

We're just like you, trying to understand love,
life and everything around it( and of course Food ).