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Rohit Dandwani - Founder LoveArth
I'm Rohit Dandwani , Actor/Foodie; I've lately accepted my imperfections although I strive for excellence. I might make mistakes(left, right & centre) but I promise to make your LoveArth's Experience Special (I'll work very hard to make you fall in love, again)..
Dr. Umraan
Dr. Umran (PT) Physiotherapist, S&C Coach, AIFF-D Licensed and a serial Memer ; you'd never know if he is serious or seriously pulling your leg.
Reema & Deepak Dandwani aren't just a power couple but a major source of guidance looking after our Marketing and all the Legal matters.
Ayushmaan Agarwal
Ayushmaan Agarwal makes sure that our products are as Nawaabi as he is.(He's a Nawab in true sense!)
Disha Verma not only handles Digital Marketing but is also the brain behind all the crazy videos that you see around on our page.
Krutti Saxena is not just our Designer but a powerhouse of Talent. She's a Photographer, an animator , stop motion expert and on top of it an Actor.
Rohit Nagpal is our Account Backbone, He can understand numbers that we can't and we just rely on him (he has our back!) ; also he's allergic to nuts (isn't it ironic?!) .
Jitesh Chetwani gives blunt feedbacks and is an amazing critic apart from being an amazing writer and a friend. He is crazy talented and his campaigns have all his heart.
We've put together everything we Love, keeping in mind our bodies which we Love, into something you'd Love, for the Love of Good Food..
Also LoveArth literally means
Meaning of Love(and food is surely on top).
love earth copy
Rohit Dandwani
Lover First Then a Foodie.