BLOG #4 Stages of Grief

I’ve been angry for a really long time. A part of me was angry because I wasn’t able to understand my feeling. ¬†Apart from the 4 generically basic feelings I wasn’t given the education/ information or understanding ¬†the train of emotions that human beings experience in their lifetime.¬†


Food labels are often designed to appeal to your innate cognitive biases. Many of them get away with being misleading because we unconsciously want to be misled. Here is now you should interpret food labels

beet sugar, brown sugar, cane sugar, caster¬†sugar, coconut sugar, date sugar, invert¬†sugar, evaporated cane juice,¬†confectioner’s sugar, high fructose corn¬†syrup, honey, agave nectar, malt syrup,¬†maple syrup, oat syrup, rice bran syrup,¬†rice syrup, barley malt, molasses, cane¬†juice crystals, lactose, corn sweetener,¬†crystalline fructose, dextran, malt powder,¬†ethyl maltol, fructose, fruit juice¬†concentrate, galactose, glucose,¬†disaccharides, maltodextrin, maltose.
In most situations, fat is replaced with¬†sugar. Read the rest of the ingredient list¬†carefully. Our brains are addicted to high¬†calorie foods. If you don’t want fat, they¬†will give you sugar instead.
No Added Sugar usually implies that the ingredients used are already high enough in sugar (fruits, milk etc) that no additional sugar was required to pander to your already sugar-addicted brain. Multigrain does not necessarily imply whole, low-glycemic index, organic, sun-kissed, cancer-curing ancient grains. In most cases, it refers to refined grains. 100% all-natural, eco-friendly, GMO-free sugar is still sugar. Organic does not imply healthy. Organic implies the legal bare minimum to avoid being sued. 
“Natural”¬†pesticides are also chemicals. Seeds¬†irradiated to produce mutations are not¬†considered GMO.Forified or Enriched does not make
something healthier. Biscuits made from¬†sugar and maida¬†“fortified” or¬†“enriched”¬†with vitamins is still sugar and maida.¬†Lipstick on a pig.

Does not imply healthy. It simply means that the food does not contain wheat, spelt, rye or barley. The alternatives tend to be more fats and sugar.

Most nutritional labels tend to assume a 100g serving while your actual serving size might be significantly smaller or larger. Always scale up or scale down the label serving size to the actual amount you eat! Another misleading claim: Jaggery has 60% of your daily iron requirement. Hidden fact: You need to consume 100g of jaggery, which is a lot of sugar to get that much iron.

Concluding this blog, we can only say one thing:

Saavdhan Rahiye! Satark Rahiye. 

BLOG #2 for the year 2022! :p

Free Gold Balloons Happy New Year wish 2022 Instagram Post
How must we dream, if nightmare is what we think we deserve? what shade burns the future, if desire is colourblind?
Mitch J Burke

Being an Over thinker first then a planner I usually tend to create a list of Resolutions/Aspirations and Tasks that I should look forward in the following year and mind you, I usually check list (almost) all of them by the year end. 

2021 was ( like the usuals) a crazy ride and looking back at it I grew.. I am not someone who can count growth ( can you?) ¬†what I can actually count are the days I’ve been extremely vulnerable and came out of it like a winner( I’d like to call myself one!) ; in a way I left behind a part of me that’s not making a better person ( Shouldn’t ¬†life’s purpose be to become a better person?).¬†

(Keeping it crisp) I don’t aspire to be anything but kind this year, to myself first and then to every living, breathing creature around me.¬†

A little kindness goes a long way. 


Guide to a fruitful 2022!


About time you start prioritising yourself #SelfLove. 

Travel/ Walk / Explore as much as possible #NatureIsWhereTheHeartIs

Once a While, Thank a Tree and plant one #MakeATreeSmile

Journal! Because blissfulness comes from within #GoWithinToGoBeyond.

Read as much as possible #2022Booksin2022 .

Drink More Water #HydrationIsTheKey .

Learn about different cultures and values #GrowingIsImportant. 

Expand your Music Playlist and occasionally share it #MusicIsLife .

Smile More Often. #SmileFromWithin . 

And Love with all your heart again #Love .   


BLOG#1 How it all started..

The Inception of LoveArth

It seems like ages since I last wrote a blog(I might be terrible at it; stop reading if you have high expectations #facepalm) but the jitters are being felt and the nervousness already kicking in as I’m clueless about how to put my everything in a blog. More than conveying my story I’d love for you to takeaway just one thing from us; LOVE(in uppercase, lowercase, everything and beyond.). Isn’t it fascinating how just one word can make you feel an entire universe of emotions in any pure form. ¬†I promise I’ll try not to get all psychological about love or anything I’m just a student trying to understand things in their deeper sense.¬†

Coming back to the Inception of our beginning(pardon my sense of humour; I just felt Punny :p) It started with a revolt against the Multinational companies, reading all the scary and unreadable ingredients behind (literally) any packet of any product produced in a huge facility, I mean how can you trust words like Dextrose, palmolein , lecithin and many others? (don’t you have any trust issues?). It’s just one of those ethics realisations that you get at someone in your life where you feel your right to information is violated, or you’re not told what’s important. To tell you something I haven’t always been like this; frankly I’ve been ignorant almost all my life. Being born in a traditional Business minded Sindhi household I’ve been taught the art of business through examples of people conning ¬†others in the name of “Business” and this information to a 12 year old seemed ethically right enough to grow up and do the same.¬†

Growing up in a privileged ¬†part of the society made me rethink about about basic human relations on various levels, I became much more sensitive to the information I was provided and it was bothersome for me to see adultery ¬†easily seeping into all parts of mass production. The fact that how can we sell something that we wouldn’t want our loved ones to even touch starting bothering me. I started reading more and more into what harm Multinationals( Giant Corporations of any kind) are doing on 1. Environment, 2.Climate Change(I consider the above 2 as different), 3.People & 4.The WHOLE ECOSYSTEM.¬†

I always believed in being the change rather than waiting for one to miraculously happen, WORK FOR IT is my mantra(for now, it keeps changing though). Food to me is sacred(trust me 120KGS Obese guy is saying this), eating is my comfort space, I feel home when I eat I mean there was nothing a tasty meal couldn’t fix. It was at the time when I was in a relationship with this incredible empowered woman I started understanding love I felt the need to fix the problem around artificiality in the food business. Something that’s shady can’t be any good I though so we started reading more into BEING THE CHANGE and LoveArth was born.¬†

We named it LoveArth because we were so much in Love we understood what home feels like; we named it LoveArth because food made from love filled the soul with joy and comfort. We named it LoveArth because we felt love more that what Rumi and all the poets wrote. We named it LoveArth because food is indeed (one of the) meaning of love; and we promise we’ll die trying..¬†


Not a Blog but something we'd like for you to know..

Here’s a Fun Fact to make you more conscious about Climate Change(and do something about it)


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