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Honey Hazelnut Granola

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Honey Hazelnut Granola is drool worthy because : 

  1. The Recipe is quite simple with no processed ingredients.
  2. The Honey used is Raw Wild Forest Honey ( difficult to source and rare. ).
  3. The perfect merger of Honey & Hazelnuts is the only legit drool worthy reason we could think of :p .

Ingredients :
Hazelnut, Almonds, Cashews, Rolled Oats, Seeds (Pumpkin, Chia, Flax,
Sunflower), Raw Honey, Organic Jaggery, Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil & Love.



Honey Hazelnut Granola

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Dear Fellow Foodie, We know we’ve been blabbering a lot about bridging the gap between tasty and healthy and all that but this is literally the granola we are most proud of.
The Oil used is Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil and the health benefits are immense.
I can literally write a 1000 words essay in favour of LoveArth’s : Honey Hazelnut Granola but we’d love for you to try them by yourself.

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1 review for Honey Hazelnut Granola

  1. Srishti JP Thakur

    OMG, what a flavour!
    Loved the blend of honey & hazelnuts.
    Surprised with the ingredients used! Love LoveArth!

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