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I was on this cute little journey of understanding acting, the craft and the business of it, HOW IN THE WORLD I THOUGHT OF LOVEARTH?

Rohit Dandwani
Actor/ Founder - Rohit Dandwani

Like every dreamer I came to this city of Bombay ( Mumbai ) with the hope to express myself myself and find my voice someday, Bombay is welcoming at first but it'll only accept you if you work hard enough(the struggle's real!) . I was 220Lbs ( or even more) when I found my voice in ACTING, my health was terrible and (to fit in) I thought I should be shredding the extra LBS ( in my case, EXTRAS!). Diet plays a key role in overall wellbeing and I figured this pretty late in my life. Just like any other (fellow wannabe) I started looking for DIET FOOD & SNACKS, turns out (almost) every product in the market has used certain preservatives and Additives to either improve the shelf-life or I have no idea otherwise and apart from the foreign words and terminologies they add artificial Sugars ( & other sister sugars) to pocket some profit or I DON't KNOW OTHERWISE! I felt cheated, manipulated and used for some reason. It broke my heart seeing the brand ( that appears big!) is lying to us, hiding important information from us OR not being honest to us. The Idea of LoveArth was born somewhere being manipulated for bare minimum honesty.

LoveArth is my attempt to be honest, real, authentic and many other adjectives that I am trying to understand and learn; the focus being on small batches and least processed ingredients aiming to bridge the gap between tasty & healthy. ( Ugh I have so much more to talk about!)